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20 May What you need to know about Interactive flat panel screens
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What you need to know about Interactive flat panel screens This article contains detailed information on the Interactive Flat Panel/Screen. As the name implies, this powerful electronic device is an interactive tool for business and educational envir..
12 Apr Benefits of the LEAD video conferencing system
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  Video conferencing is a live video system between two or more people in different locations where they can meet and collaborate face-to-face using video-enabled devices connected to the internet.   In this article, we will be looking at the di..
26 Mar 6 Outstanding Benefits of using Interactive Whiteboard in a Classroom
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6 Outstanding Benefits of using Interactive Whiteboard in a Classroom and for business presentation  What is an Interactive Whiteboard in a classroom? Interactive whiteboard is a smart board with fantastic communication tools that are designed to b..
14 Jan Lead Interactive flat panel display board
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Are you still struggling with projector and dropdown screen at the workplace?   Aren’t you tired of cables and all the problems of fading images and burnout projector lamps all the time?   In a moment, think about having seamless and hitch-free b..
17 Jun New Update On Interactive Board
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  Please this is a new update on interactive board from ZumaMall your online trusted tech site. Good day! Trust your day is going on well though it has been rainy weather ⛈. We want to let our customers know that we’re working hard to bringing sol..
17 Jan Choosing the Right Interactive Whiteboard for a WOW! Experience
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In today's publication, we want to share with you how to choose the right Interactive Whiteboard for a WOW! Experience. The 21st-century technological advancement has improved connectivity to knowledge and entertainment through the various digital d..
17 Jan Transform Your TV to an Interactive Multi-touch Screen
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Do you want to transform your tv to an Interactive Multi-touch Screen? Have you been hesitating to upgrade the technology in your school or offices from ordinary whiteboards to touchscreens? Are you looking for a unique interactive display?   Are y..
04 Dec 60 second guideline on How to make your projector/VGA cable Last longer
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There is an exponential increase in the demand for projectors in organisations, schools, and businesses. Almost every school, business, and institution have at least one or more projectors and it will be important to guide you on how to use it in oth..
06 Nov Why Lead Flat Panel Interactive Board Still The Best
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  Lead Flat Panel Interactive Board is an all in one device designed with an advanced touch technology, which enables finger touch, and pen-writing, with inbuilt OPS computers, Android 6.0/8.0 interface for App download, speakers and TV.     It g..
15 Oct Unique Description of Lead Flat Panel Interactive Display Board
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The Unique Description of Lead Flat Panel Interactive Display Board Is in the designed. The lead flat panel all in one interactive display board is a smartboard with all the essentials the educators and trainers need to deliver topnotch lessons and..
12 Aug 5 Benefits of Language Laboratories What is a Language Laboratory?
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 Among the notable benefits of language laboratories are its ability to encourage students to actively participate and assimilate at a faster rate. While it takes 2.2% of the 45 minutes used in a traditional class for students to speak in the languag..
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This publication shows why your organization needs our all in one interactive flat panel display board. Many people nowadays are very familiar with an Interactive whiteboard, which are used in many schools and organisations as replacements for tradit..
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