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A 60-second guideline on How to make your projector/VGA cable Last longer; if your organization is still using a multimedia projector, this article could help preserve your projector’s lifespan.

There is an exponential increase in the demand for projectors in organizations, schools, and businesses. Almost every school, business, and institution has at least one or more projectors, and it will be essential to guide you on how to use them to save costs in replacing the lamp and other essential parts that can be affected as a result of poor handling.

This is the first thing to put in place before using your projector:

  • Ensure your power is regulated. Use USP and power surge protectors to prevent power fluctuation from damaging your projector panel or other vital parts.
  • Change your filter regularly, at least every six months if used in school. The projector emits lots of heat while working; therefore, the lamp must have enough air to cool it off, which is the function of the fans inside the projector compartment. When the fans do their work, they accumulate dust in the projector, causing a blockage in the airflow. This will reduce the life span of your lamp; therefore, to avoid this, the filter(s) must be cleaned regularly.
  • Allow for good airflow. The fan exhaust area of the projector should be at least 3-5 feet from any wall or other impediments to free airflow. If air does not flow freely around the projector, it will overheat, which will shorten the life of your lamp.
  • Avoid high temperatures. If you store your projector in a freezing area (below 45 degrees), the bulb may burst when you turn it on.
  • Allow the lamp to cool before switching off or unplugging from the power. The projector fan should continue to run for a while after you turn the lamp off to cool the lamp. If the power is turned off before the end of the process, the life of the lamp will be shortened.

Please share this with your IT department in your schools and organizations. For some projectors, the cost of part replacement can equal the cost of the projector. Therefore, take all the precautionary measures to protect it.

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