The Lead Soundbar is an elongated speaker with several built-in small speakers that can reproduce a wide sound field. Lead Soundbars are equipped with an amplifier to control these speakers; they come with various connection options to connect your electronics and TV; and they are equipped with a (wireless) subwoofer.

Today’s UHD 4K and 8K televisions provide outstanding images in crisp details and bright colours. But they fail to deliver excellent sound. The type and size of speakers used in flat-panel TVs do not give you the depth of sound quality, which includes mid and high sound ranges.

The average soundbar can be mounted on the wall under the TV or placed on furniture.

Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits you will enjoy using the LEAD Sound Bar:

 Sound Quality:

The top benefit of almost every sound bar is the improved sound quality. With the LEAD sound bar, you can enjoy a good balance between the sound ranges, including mid and high ridges and deep bass sounds. LEAD soundbars provide a movie-theatre-like sound experience while playing or watching your favourite music, movies and television shows.

The speakers built into the Soundbar are more significant than the speakers on your television screen. The result is a superior-quality output device capable of producing full audio in a compact package.

 Bluetooth Compatible:

LEAD soundbars are Bluetooth compatible so that you can listen to music and other digital audio formats, like digital books, through the sound bar using your smartphone, tablet, or other such devices.

 Universal Remote Friendly:

If the LEAD soundbar is connected to your TV, phone or like devices, you can use your TV, phone or device to control the sound level on the Soundbar. Your TV Phone or like device can also be programmed to turn the sound bar on and off unless you configured the proper settings to automatically turn it on when the other device is turned on and turn it off when the device is turned off.

 Easy and Multiple Installation Options:

The Soundbar is easy to use and install. Most soundbars can be mounted to a wall or surface, and there are reasons to consider both. The wall mount has a stylish appearance and ensures that the Soundbar remains in a perfect position. However, the Soundbar can be moved as needed and more easily accessed with a surface mount. So, there is just one cable to plug into the TV and the power cord to plug into a power strip. The only other thing you need to do is to go into your TV’s sound settings and change it to use the Soundbar.

 Available in Different Sizes:

This soundbar advantage allows you to select a size that matches the length of your TV. LEAD Soundbars will also enable you to buy one for a giant TV and use it with a smaller TV or vice versa.

That way, if you save up for a giant TV, you will not have to worry about upgrading the sound bar later. Or, if you have limited space under the TV, you can still get superior sound quality with a smaller sound bar.


Another advantage of the LEAD sound bar is the price. Unlike home theatre systems, LEAD sound bars are much more budget-friendly. So, if you have limited space or lack the resources to invest in a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound home theatre system, you can still enjoy superior sound quality with a LEAD sound bar.

Requires Little Space:

Another benefit of the LEAD sound bars is that they help save space. You don’t have to worry about where to keep multiple speakers or about running many wires. The LEAD sound bars are designed to go directly in front of the TV underneath the screen. You can even mount them on the wall below your TV if it is wall-mounted.

LEAD sound bars offer several advantages to upgrade your TV speakers, whether watching a program or movie, listening to music or an audiobook, or playing a video game.

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