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Interactive whiteboards are a powerful tool that can help boost student engagement and conversions in the classroom. When appropriately used, interactive whiteboards can create an immersive learning experience for students that can encourage them to ask questions, participate in class discussions, and take more ownership of their learning. Additionally, interactive whiteboards can assess student understanding in real-time and provide immediate feedback.

Interactive whiteboards are quickly becoming a staple in the modern classroom. Here are just a few of the benefits that they can offer in terms of boosting conversion rates:

1. Increased Engagement

Interactive whiteboards help to increase student engagement by making learning more interactive and engaging. increased peer collaboration and strengthened comprehension.” With interactive boards like the LEAD Interactive SMT87x, teachers can create more dynamic lessons by writing or typing on the screen, annotating specific topics with highlights, circles, arrows, or zooming in, and sharing multimedia content such as videos, webpages, presentations, and images. The LEAD interactive board can be divided into multiple sections, so more than one student can work on it. This can, in turn, lead to better understanding and improved grades. 

2. Greater Collaboration

Technology is a great way to promote and facilitate discussion among students. Interactive whiteboards encourage collaboration between students, educators, and students. Students can work together on projects or assignments, and educators can provide real-time feedback and guidance. They’ll interact with each other through technology and discuss ways they can collaborate and learn together.

Some students are gifted with computer skills, meaning it will take longer to learn some trade tricks and can help other students with their assignments and tasks. This promotes a collaborative environment in the classroom, which in turn leads to a more connected community. This helps to foster a more cooperative learning environment and can lead to better results.

3. Improved Presentation Skills

Using an interactive whiteboard can also help students develop their presentation skills. This is especially useful for those who may be shy or introverted, as it gives them a chance to practice in front of their peers without feeling too anxious. 

For instance, during my MSc, all our lectures were delivered on PowerPoint, and our classwork and assignments were also delivered where each person had to come up to the interactive screen to present before the class their work. 

An interactive board can be a great deal in helping students develop presentation skills. One thing I noticed was the discomfort this teaching style brought to some students who were not used to modern teaching aids like smart screens. This was the teaching style here, and everyone had to abide by it; before long, those students who were shy became bold and audible during a presentation.

4. Improved Retention 

Studies have shown that students who use interactive whiteboards retain information better than those who do not. The visual and kinesthetic nature of using an interactive whiteboard helps students to understand better and remember concepts.

5. Ability to accommodate Different styles of teaching 

Interactive whiteboards offer educators the ability to differentiate instruction based on student needs. By providing different levels of content or different ways to interact with the material, all students can benefit from using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom regardless of their abilities or needs. 

For instance, whether a child is a visual learner, an auditory learner or a kinesthetic (hands-on) learner, an interactive whiteboard benefits them all. Visual learners benefit from a 4K UHD screen, whether on LEAD interactive 4K screen or LEAD SMT87X interactive whiteboards — while auditory learners can listen to multimedia content, and hands-on learners can come up to the board and write on it with a stylus, or with their finger. 

Finally, educators can use the interactive board to teach small groups, organized by learning style, or one-on-one with individual students.

6. Internet Connectivity

Lead smart interactive boards can be connected to the internet for easy access to online resources, allowing educators to rely on various sources for content, videos, games, programs and lessons. As interactive whiteboards are connected to the internet, teachers can access unlimited classroom resources. Being connected to the internet also means that lesson time is significantly enhanced, as teachers do not have to spend time writing, reading and working from a book or physical resource.

7. Greater Motivation 

Students who are actively involved in their learning process tend to be more motivated than those who are not. An interactive whiteboard gives students a sense of ownership over their learning and can help them stay focused and motivated throughout the lesson.

For example, when my company delivered sets of interactive whiteboards to a particular secondary school on the Island, the students had long awaited this device. The excitement from those children; was awe-inspiring. You can imagine the level of motivation this can bring into the learning process. 

8. Develop resource

This is one of the critical benefits most writers have not considered valuable. The use of technology in the classroom helps teachers and educators build their resources or courseware over time.

For example, an interactive board requires the teacher to prepare a lesson in a digital format such as PDF, PowerPoint, pictures, notes(text), and videos. If this continues for the session, at the end of the session, you will have developed robust courseware or resources for yourself as a teacher, making your work easier. 

9. Fun Factor!

Lastly, let’s remember that interactive whiteboards can be fun! They add an element of excitement to learning that can motivate students of all ages. For example, gamification impacts a student’s understanding and engagement because it helps build a sense of achievement. 

Many students are encouraged to move to the next lesson when they know they can achieve something. Look around and see if there are any gamified learning opportunities for your subject material on the Internet. LEAD SMT87x comes with over 50 different brain games designed for all levels of education. 

There is a need for every learning centre, business, and institution to adopt modern teaching aids into their teaching and presentation process, as its advantages and benefits are too enormous to be ignored. Technology should be your takeoff point if you’re a school owner or educator and want to build a brand in the industry. 

Equip your classrooms with quality interactive boards with various educational resources like that of intelligent SMT87x LEAD interactive board, train your teachers periodically on how to utilize interactive board resources, and you will start graduating top-of-the-class students. Do this and watch your school grow exponentially.

My name is Ozoemena O. Charles, the Business Director of Zuma Marketing Ltd and LEAD electronics distribution, specializing in modern teaching technology R&D.  You can shop for your instructional materials from our eCommerce website at www.zumamall.com. Our product quality, good customer service and experience stand us out. 

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